Microlyzer Microfat et Nanofat

With the Microlyzer device, all the fat tissue is treated through the blade filter. During the R&D process of the Microlyzer blade filters, the best possible design for the fat tissue to be treated was evaluated. Available in 600, 1200 and 2400 Microns.


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Microfat et Nanofat

What is the Microlyzer

Mycrolyzer is a medical appliance which permits to obtain the "Microfat & Nanofat" for fat transfer procedures and more importantly, the "Non-enzymatic Stromal Vascular Fraction". 

This device is designed as a blade filter which is meant to be used with treatment of adipose tissues in order to fractionate cells from the stromal vascular fraction of adipose tissue. 

Nano-fat grafting is a revolutionary new treatment meant for restoring volume while countouring the shape of the face and improving the quality of skin.

Boite microlyzer
shéma en fonction des microns

The Microlyzer protocol

The Microlyzer protocol offers a very profitable option, high cells yields, very fast and by the absence of enzyme in the protocol. This device is much safer and easier to use while remaining within the regulatory framework. 

The design of the Microlyzer provides 2 output connectors with Luer connectors for syringes. 

A side syringe with lipoaspirate is attached and on the other side a syringe with the same empty volume is attached as well.

The Microlyzer cartridge is a blades filter that measure 600, 1200 or 2400 microns.

The device requires 3 steps of lipoaspirate cutting for the mechanical separation of the cells. 

Tableau Microlyzer 1
Tableau Microlyzer 2
Transport costs are free of charge starting from 150€ HT of purchase.

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