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The essentials : our PRP accessories

Powerful tools associated with Platelet-Rich Plasma

In the "Accessories" category, we gather a selection of essential medical tools that play a significant role in a variety of medical procedures.

These accessories are designed to ensure the safety and efficiency of surgical interventions, medical treatments, or various advanced medical practices.

PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma, is a substance used to stimulate tissue regeneration, whether it be in orthopedic surgery, aesthetic medicine, dermatology, or other medical specialties.

The "Accessories" section and its development

In this category, you can find a selection of essential medical tools that play a central role in the production of PRP.

Among these accessories are tourniquets, elastics, tourniquets, and syringes, which play a role in the PRP preparation process.

They are designed to ensure reliable use, adhering to strict hygiene and European safety standards. They are intended to facilitate medical practice, both in the context of PRP preparation and in many other medical procedures.

The medical field experiences constant advances, especially in the areas of aesthetics and sports. This drives us to remain attentive to technological progress and evolving needs, with the goal of expanding our range to include new medical accessories in the future.

CE and European requirements

We place paramount importance on adhering to the strictest safety standards.

All of our medical accessories comply with European Union regulations for medical devices, as evidenced by our CE marking and for some of our Class IIb products.

This quality label ensures that our products have undergone rigorous evaluations to meet the required quality and hygiene criteria.

PRP tubes with a centrifuge
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