Kit 2 PRP Xenoderm tubes with anticoagulant and separator gel

This PRP tube kit is made in Italy and includes: 2 glass tubes of 10ml or 15ml, a separator gel, a calibrated vacuum, and an anticoagulant. An option without separator gel is also available.

These PRP tubes are sterile and for single use. They have a diameter of 15mm, a cap of 18mm, and a standard shape. The 10ml model, measuring 105mm in length, is designed to hold up to 9ml of blood, while the larger 15ml model is 125mm in length and can accommodate up to 12ml of blood. These PRP tubes strictly adhere to European quality standards, boasting Class IIb CE certification.

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Optimize your platelet-rich plasma preparation procedures with our PRP Xenoderm tubes. Each kit is meticulously designed to offer top-notch performance and reliable results.

Capacity of up to 15 ml: Thanks to our calibrated vacuum, our tubes can hold up to 15 ml of blood, ensuring proper collection for optimal PRP preparation.

Choose from our three available versions: 10 ml with separator gel and anticoagulant, 15 ml with separator gel and anticoagulant, or 15 ml with anticoagulant alone. This way, you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

Effective separation gel: Our separation gel, designed for approximately 3-4 ml, ensures efficient separation between blood components, allowing for precise PRP collection.

Our PRP tubes are made of borosilicate glass, ensuring durability and compatibility with standard 20 ml bucket centrifuges.

CE certification: Our product is accredited with the European CE Class IIb marking, attesting to its compliance with European quality and safety standards.

Please note that using this device requires specific medical skills. It should be handled by qualified and trained medical personnel to ensure safe procedures.

Volume discounts

Quantity Discount Price
100 €2.00 €37.60
200 €3.00 €36.60
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