Complete PRP Kit

Este kit incluye 2 tubos estériles de un solo uso al vacío con anticoagulante, con o sin gel separador.

Encontrarás en su caja, 2 jeringas y 3 agujas + 1 caja de flebotomía.


CE Certification


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full prp kit
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What does the KIT PRP Tlab contain ?

2 PRP tubes

These 2 sterile tubes of 10ml each, are presented under vacuum. They contain 1ml of anticoagulant (no Ficoll or gel).

The tubes are non-hemolytic and pyrogen-free. (It is recommended to collect 2ml of PRP in each tube, 4ml of PRP in total). Compatible with standard 20ml bucket centrifuges.

Presentation of two prp tubes

1 re-suspension tube

This sterile tube of 5ml is non-hemolytic and pyrogen-free.

(After centrifugation, the tube contains a total of 4ml of PRP.

It is recommended to turn the tube gently for 30 seconds to 1 minute in order to avoid any agglutination of PRP.) 

re-suspension tube presentation

Syringes and needles

2 sterile syringes :

  • One syringe of 5ml is used to collect the PRP and transfer it into the PRP PROF resuspension tube. 
  • One syringe of 1ml is used to inject the PRP to the patient. 

3 sterile needles : 

  • One long needle is used to collect the PRP PROF tube and the resuspension tube. 
  • The 21G needle is used to collect the resuspended PRP inside the PRP injection in the treatment area. 
  • One needle of 30G. 
2 sterile syringues and 3 sterile needles

1 Phlebotomy Kit

This Kit is composed by 2 pieces : it is used to extract the blood from the patient into the PRP PROF tube. 

(No other equipment is required to draw the patient’s blood.)

Phlebotomy Kit

What additional benefits does our PRP PROF Kit offer ?


Unlike the many products offered by importers, the kit is not a blood storage tube, nor a blood separation kit. 

Ce produit est homologué CE classe IIb et Australie TGA.

CE Class llb Certification

The PRP PROF KIT has the CE class llb medical device certification as well as the ARTG certification. 

Includes an anticoagulant

Blood storage tubes and blood separation kits do not include coagulant. Therefore, the user must collect the anticoagulant (hardly available) from other sources without quality control. 

The PRP PROF KIT  guarantees the quality of the anticoagulant and supplies it already in the tubes 

The cell-cell interaction

The cell-cell interaction determines the role of platelets to become pro-aggregator in order to interact with other cells around the microenvironment.

Publications have shown that PRP + RBC in collagen-induced activation leads to the synthesis of ADP and ATP 5 to 7 times compared to PRP alone.

LP + PRP depends on the doctor's consultation with his patients.

The PRP PROF KIT offers choices to doctors.

Ficoll is not included

Please not, some IVD tubes are sold as PRP Products whereas they are conceived/designed as products for diagnostic only. 
These tubes must be clearly labelled with the mention “do not use and inject in humans”. 

Not only a blood storage tube.

Caution : there are various products on the market, sold in the form of tubes or PRP devices that are not registered as being used for this treatment.  

The PRP PROF KIT is registered and contains the products used in the successful treatments.


Due to high centrifugal force, the creation of wafer aggregates can occur. 

The resuspension of the platelets allows to homogenise in the plasma medium. 

No gel

Some competing products contain gel in the tubes.

However, there may be a risk of collecting the gel in the tubes and then re-injecting it into the patient. There are risks of allergies.

That's why the Kit doesn't contain any gel. 

Examples photos of application of the prp method

How to use PRP kit (video from another prp kit)

Volume discounts

Quantity Discount Price
10 €3.00 €63.00
50 €5.00 €61.00
100 €7.00 €59.00
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